As blockchain technology develops, new solutions to problems such as scalability, interoperability and usability continue to be developed. Avalanche takes a unique approach with the use of three different blockchains within the platform. Thanks to its native token AVAX and multiple reconciliation mechanisms, Avalanche is the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain sector based on transaction termination time.

FTVT Token was created in the Avalanche Blockchain ecosystem due to the main reasons such as low transaction fees, the fastest transaction termination time.
The FTVT Token is designed as a payment tool other than just being an investment tool. Thanks to the payment recorder devices that will be installed at the payment points located in the fashion tv Ecosystem, the user who owns an FTVT can receive products or services.

  • Physical Pos Device
  • Touch Kiosk
  • Mobile Payment Recorder
  • Mobile Wallet

All devices for payment are connected to the BTCOLEY Swap House online. The user can pay by QR Code or credit card according to the type of payment recorder device. The FTVT Token, as well as the user's payment amount, is automatically converted to Turkish Lira at the clearing house at the current exchange price and transferred to the designated bank account of the payment point.D.V. it is sent as included.


FTVT Token can work on all types of Pos devices that have been implemented. The user can make his/her payment via this pos device thanks to the QR code that he/she will create from his/her mobile wallet. In addition, online payments can also be made via the same device thanks to credit cards that we will activate after regulation and created in partnership with MasterCard or VISA.


Especially in Cafes, Restaurants or Hotels, you can pay from these devices using your FTVT Card or the QR code that you will create from your Mobile wallet. With FTVT Token, you will receive discounts on your payments based on the content of the service and the type of investor!


fashion tv is a structure operating in 160 countries of the world, and physical pos or touch kiosks may not be available as of the current region. In the fashion tv Ecosystem, each mobile device can also be defined as a payment recorder. Thanks to an FTVT Mobile Payment Recorder application that you can download to your mobile device, you can sell your products with the FTVT Token wherever you are in the world.


It is an application where you can make online payments in the entire Fashion TV Ecosystem, thanks to this mobile wallet designed specifically for FTVT Token users and integrated with the BTCOLEY Cryptocurrency Exchange and its affiliated clearing center. Thanks to this application, you can make payments, receive payments, buy FTVT Tokens or send FTVT tokens to someone else. In addition, you can shop from your mobile wallet and pay for your purchases with FTVT Token. You can review fashion news, event and campaign information from all over the world via the mobile application and request participation through your mobile wallet.
These payment tools that feed the fashion tv Ecosystem are completely free of charge to FTVT Token users.