fashion tv Channel

fashion tv History

The first strategy of fashion tv, which started in Paris, the fashion capital of Europe, was to gain global domination in the fashion and broadcasting industry. In the first 10 years of its existence, fashion tv settled in the world's most populous countries such as China and India. Soon fashion tv became a reference for television, fashion and entertainment in remote markets such as Australia, Africa and South America. fashion tv is currently being watched in 160 countries and 500 million households worldwide. There is a brand value of 673 million €.

Core Competence of fashion tv

fashion tv informs, entertains and inspires its viewers by providing an inside look at the fashion industry with its outstanding visual themed and clip-based content. With over 100 hours of new programming each month showing the latest trends, major fashion shows, designer events and highlights from fashion industry professionals, fashion tv offers the most comprehensive and fastest fashion review anywhere. fashion tv has been setting the highest standards for excellence in fashion and lifestyle broadcasts since 1997, when it was founded by world-renowned fashion icon Michel Adam. fashion tv, the only TV channel that appeals to anyone interested in fashion, style, beauty and trends, offers different experiences to its viewers by offering original, unbiased and informative programs not found on other networks. The strong image and exceptional awareness of the fashion tv brand reflects a unique, cosmopolitan and modern style that allows effective partnerships with many global brands.